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how to improve seo with social media website

All Type of social media website are important like facebook google plus twitter pintrest etc but we have to be more focus on google plus.

Things we must do in social media for seo

1.we have to be more active on social media website

2.we have to share all the data on social media website

3.we have to icrease reviews

4.we have to reply to the reviews made by customers 

5.Increase the profile reputation in all the possible ways

6.Reply to the messages immidiatly thats why we have to active all the possible time.

7.we have to post the product reviews on with website link on our social media website

8.we have to share all post made in social media with other social media websites

9.we have to increase the number of  comments

10.we have to increase the number of shares in all the social media profiles

11.when we upadting the images ,we have to name that image with prodcut related name